Useful Tips for Winning Cleaning Contracts

Let’s face it, acquiring constant work is every business’ dream, and a cleaning company is no exception. Besides, offices and buildings need to be cleaned daily for the sake of presenting a good image in front of the clients, which is the reason why many business owners generally opt to outsource cleaning services. Commercial cleaning contracts are an ideal way to maintain the financial well being of your cleaning company. Besides, with the advent of the Internet, you can find a number of websites giving information on cleaning tenders online. However, getting the cleaning contract can be a daunting task, considering the fact that there are a plethora of cleaning companies flooding the market today.

Due to the fact that it’s a competitive industry, even if you find numerous cleaning tenders online, chances of you winning the contract are little to none as many other franchises will be submitting cleaning tenders for the same cleaning job as you. However, getting a cleaning contract is vital, as it guarantees consistent work for a specific time frame. Read on to find out some useful tips for winning cleaning contract.

Competitor analysis- one of the major factors that you need to take into account for securing cleaning tender is competitor analysis. If you know your competition and keep up to date competitor analysis, it can significantly help in getting a fair idea of who else is looking to get the same contract as you. You need to have a clear idea of some of your closest competitors and compare your services to theirs in terms of pricing and quality. In addition, you should also find ways to offer your cleaning services in better and more affordable ways.

Specialisation- it goes without saying, that if you want to secure a cleaning tender, you need to consider anything that you can offer that your competitors won’t. Furthermore, if you can offer specialist services, such as special cleaning products for special surfaces, window cleaning at height, carpet cleaning among others, your tender will be considerably more attractive to your buyer.

Collect leads and network- when it comes to getting the cleaning contracts, make sure you collect leads and network. Besides, familiarity with the potential clients is a crucial part of securing cleaning contracts. You should collect as much information as you can about the potential client.

Maximise referrals- without a doubt, a trusted and positive referral is the best form of advertisement. Moreover, if your clients loved your services, make sure you encourage them to let their employers and co-workers know.

Creating a website- another major factor that you need to take into account for securing cleaning contracts is creating a website. In addition to creating an online presence, a website will help in accurately showcasing additional information about your company, the services you provide and the types of cleaning contracts you are seeking.


While these were some of the tips and tricks for winning cleaning contracts, there are many others, such as building connections, maximising social media presence, latest cleaning tools and equipment among many others.

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