Upcoming Trends of Technology in Cleaning Industry

Technology is changing all industries around the world, and even the cleaning industry is not immune from it. Many companies are working to create technologies that seek to keep and office or residence perfectly clean and hygienic. Some of the technologies that will surely affect the cleaning industry include –

  • Online Tender Solutions: This is one of the most revolutionary changes in the cleaning industry. Many companies are creating tender lead platforms, which will enable businesses and cleaning contractors to interact with one another more easily. www.cleanconnect.com.au is the ONLY company who has created a online LIVE tendering systems, which allows cleaning contractor to easily submit their tenders to multiple companies without having to do any strenuous marketing. This is one solution that will only grow better over the coming decade and probably become a mainstay of the cleaning industry.
  • Traffic-Based Pricing: Another breakthrough technology that will completely change the cleaning industry is the concept of traffic-based pricing. This is mostly applicable to laundry cleaning businesses etc. With traffic-based pricing, washing storeowners can charge customers based on the traffic in the store. This automated system captures the traffic within the store and sets a higher price during high traffic times and lower price in low traffic times. It can also compare prices at any nearby washing stores and offer a potential customer a better price after taking into consideration the traffic in the store. This technology is sure to make the cleaning industry more competitive.
  • Automated Cleaning Machines: Just like any other industry, the cleaning industry is also undergoing automation. More and more jobs are being offered to machines. At present some of the automated machines can do floor cleaning, window cleaning etc. Moving forward, it is inevitable that machines that can walk and clean even the tiniest crack in the wall will be in the market. This will completely change the cleaning industry. Though some may see it negatively by thinking that it will lead to loss of jobs, one must also keep in mind that more automated machines mean that more people will be required to operate and maintain those machines. So whether automation will negatively impact the working class of the cleaning industry is a matter that we have to wait and watch.
  • Automated Scheduled Cleaning:  An automated scheduled cleaning system is in development in many countries and is expected to have a positive impact in the cleaning industry. These systems can arrange can inform a cleaner when to clean a place. For example, you may have a business policy that a toilet needs to be cleaned when it is flushed about 40 times. But you can’t really measure it. But by using the automated scheduled cleaning system, you program it to notify you whenever the toilet is flushed 40 times. So next time your workers visit the office for a cleaning, they only need to clean the toilets which have been flushed a minimum of 40 times. You can save money on cleaning materials and will also be able to better utilize your employees.


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