Test and Tagging Electrical Equipment’s

As a responsible business owner, you receive infinite peace of mind that your employees are working with safe office equipment. The method to Test and Tag is to ensure the workplace safety, which safeguards compliance with Australian WHS and Electrical Safety rules. To preserve the workplace safety, it obligates the business owners to certify the office equipment against any risks to health.

This way, the cleaning companies fall under obligation as well to have their cleaning equipment completely assessed. This entails seeing whether there are any threats related to cleaning equipment, evaluating the identified dangers and considering abolishing or controlling those risks.

Why is test and tagging important for my business? Certain equipment must be inspected regularly to keep well-being and safety at the office. The following prerequisites are identified as “duty of care” which compels employers to:

  • To maintain a workplace without risk to the health of employees
  • To make sure other individuals, such as visitors and families, are safe from health and safety risks resulting from the organisation’s actions

How frequently do I need to Test and Tag equipment? The regularity of testing and tagging your cleaning equipment can be identified by a variety of factors, most evidently, the range in which the equipment is vulnerable to and the amount of threat it creates to the user(s). All cleaning companies need a ‘risk management’ tactic in defining the kind of inspection and/or any testing that is essential for the electrical cleaning equipment.


Electrical Equipment Test procedure The safety of electrical resources is regulated by testing each asset as required by the standard. With the use of the latest equipment, PAT (Portable Appliance Tester) ATS technicians perform the following test procedures, which include:


Visual Test ATS technicians conduct the visual inspection, which involves a full inspection of the plug, appliance, flexible supply cord, and socket. Covers and cases are examined to ensure they are attached; appliances are inspected for the existence of small external objects that may intervene with the appliance safety.


Electrical Test The business owners must pursue electrical tests to complete with the appropriate equipment.

  • Insulation Resistance
  • Earth Resistance
  • Leakage Current Testing
  • Polarity


Record Keeping Essentials Next to testing, compatible equipment shall be attached to a secure, disposable tag. The test should contain the following information- the company or person’s name who perform the examination and test; the inspection date, a re-test date with respect to AS – 3760-2012.


Conclusion The cleaning companies should ensure that the checking and tagging of the cleaning equipment must be done by a competent person – one who possesses theoretical and practical skills, learnt through training, experience to adequately carry out the required tasks.

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