Is Technology Leading Us To A Better Life?

The world has turned into an era of technological advancements and internet warfare amongst businesses either small or large. Today, everything is on the internet, be it a business, services that you’re offering or anything for that matter. Earlier, the internet was just about some of the leading players in the online world but now other competitors have taken it by storm.

That said, the Managing Director of Mercedes-Benz has expressed some very interesting facts and views about how the internet has completely changed the world scenario at large. It boggles the mind just thinking that a company like Mercedes-Benz a brand dealing with cars – can be up in competition with brands like Google which is a search engine, Apple one of the leading smartphone brands or Amazon a leading e-commerce website. But the Managing Director surprisingly admits their future competition can now be these. Who would have thought a couple decades back a car manufacturing brand would be given a hard time by businesses that have nothing to do with cars.

The computers of today’s era are smarter than humans themselves; those humans who have actually created these gadgets. In fact, these gadgets are now all set to replace its own creators. Who knows the accuracy of these computers could make them smarter than the genius minds that came up with the concept. That is some very sharp and interesting thinking by the director of the company I must say. The fact that a top Go player of the world was tranced by a computer this year is nothing less of a proof.

What else? Well, Lawmakers in the United States are already becoming jobless. Computers are more efficient and accurate than the lawyers. IBM Watson gives you a much faster and 90% accurate legal advice. It can also diagnose Cancer must better than humans. How’s that for intelligence? And it’s not just the lawyers. What the MD forgot to mention is Al or in other words Artificial Intelligence in my opinion. Al is all set to replace humans in not just one but 7 fields. They can be fitness coaches, they can be accountants, they can be drivers and better ones if I must say, they can operate machines and more. So basically, the humans are at the risk of losing their jobs to the machines they created.

Now, devices are smart enough to identify thumbprints or scan the eye to get access. Similarly, identifying a person is no biggie for these gadgets. And we are not talking about some machines here which too, by the way, fall under the same category. These are your everyday use devices like mobiles or platforms like Facebook. Yes, Facebook can scan a face and identify it better than us.

While we’re on the topic of smart and replacement, did you ever imagine cameras flying about? For all I know, I always saw people holding camcorders in their hands to shoot but now, there are drones flying about filming everything. Even the toy drones come with cameras and they actually work.

How about the self-driven cars? We already have smart computers replacing humans, now we’re near a time when we’ll have smart cars that don’t need a driver to drive. Talk about putting the car manufacturing industry at risk. So it’s not just humans but businesses as well that can be impacted. The time is not far off when the entire industry can be disrupted. In fact, people will not want cars, he believes. They would rather have a car pick them up and drop them at their destination on the click of a button than having one in their homes. Less number of cars bought means less number of cars manufactured each year. How will the car industry survive this? The traditional car companies can only make their cars better, but not smarter like revolutionary companies. And what’s even scarier is the fact that engineers from the most renowned car brands are now threatened by companies like Tesla or Apple that can smart wheels.

Now smart wheels mean less number of accidents on the road. Where will the insurance companies go? And while we’re at topic of health, technology is near to a point where Tricorders X are near completion. It’s a device companies are creating which you can connect to your phone and scan retina or can take blood samples. All you need to do is breath into it. And that’s not all, it will also be able to analyze 54 biomarkers. We should probably bid farewell to the medical institute since world-class treatment will be just a click away for almost every living person on the earth. The best part is, it will be almost free too.

It gets even crazier. There’s 3D technology now. This technology can design and create organs as well other than shoes, parts of an aircraft and whatnot. If people can get cheaper organs, then it’s a big blow to the medical industry. The printers were initially priced to a whopping $ 18,000 and now it’s down to $400 minimum with a fair chance of the prices still dropping. Even this technology will be an easy access to a majority of people.

3D technology can actually build buildings and it has already happened in China. So what should we say, goodbye construction industry?

While we’re on the subject of businesses, the actual success of a business comes down to it working perfectly with your smartphone. Let’s not forget, this is the era of smartphones and our lives revolve around it. So if a business doesn’t work with a smartphone, it’s not a business worth starting to begin with.

So to sum it up, the whole thing is like a vicious cycle. The MD has very beautifully managed to link one industry to the other in a methodical way and brilliantly explained how all the major industries, known to man, can be affected in the years to come. How is that possible? All thanks to the technology that we, the humans, have created.

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