Questions to ask before Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Company

Apparently, hiring Commercial Cleaning Companies seems to be a daunting task, managing so many available options– such as individuals and firms offering cleaning contracts and the wide range of prices they offer. It is easy to appoint a service that suits the budget, but the right choice demands much more.

Choosing a right cleaning firm is extremely important. Recruiting wrong people may have an adverse effect on your company.  Yes! Because Commercial Cleaning Companies are liable for the appearance and security of your place and its occupants.

Here is a list of must-ask questions when it comes to hiring any of the Commercial Cleaning Companies.

Q1. How does the Commercial Cleaning Company screen their employees? It is important that you trust the cleaning company you have chosen. The commercial cleaning companies have access to all spaces and valuables. So, does the cleaning company perform a background check and ask for references? If your prospective cleaning firm bypasses screening terms, they place you, your staff, your facility and your reputation in danger.

Q2. What does their training program entail? The best way to avoid service issues from the commercial cleaning companies is to confirm if they know the importance of training their workers. To render constant, valuable, bespoke services to you and your facility, your appointed cleaning firm must have a designated training program for an organized cleaning activity.

Q3. Can the commercial cleaning company provide you with a documented checklist of tasks to be performed? This step is extremely crucial. Different commercial cleaning companies have different ideas about the basic service. It is really satisfying to know in advance what you are paying for. This makes the work easier while, keeping you and the cleaning firm on the same page.


Q4. Ask if your commercial cleaning company is insured before getting into a cleaning contract? Before stepping into any cleaning contracts, it is vital to assure that your selected cleaning company must provide the following insurance policies. The professional cleaning businesses have a policy document regarding insurance, and they would not hesitate to let you read it.

Public Liability Insurance: Public Liability Insurance lets the cleaning firm pay if their worker accidentally harms you or damage your property.  The total coverage should be $5 million or higher and is up to date.

Work Cover Insurance: This policy covers the business when an employee suffers a work-related disease or injury. This is compulsory for businesses remunerating more than $7,500 to their employees as wages.


Q5. Does your commercial cleaning company have a standardized quality assurance system? What if you are not satisfied with your cleaning firm’s work? Another important question is, whether your commercial cleaning company provides an after-sales service or not. A good business always knows how to satisfy their customers, so the first guarantee you are engaging the right people.


Conclusion This becomes simple, only if you wisely consider the prerequisites before signing any cleaning contracts. If you consider this list of questions, it is certain that you will land up with a good, safe and professional cleaning firm.



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