A Guide to Starting Commercial Cleaning Business in Australia

There are many benefits of starting a commercial cleaning business in Australia. Advantages of starting a commercial cleaning venture in Australia include low startup costs, increased demand for commercial cleaning, and higher profit margins.

Let us have a look at each of the step involved.

Step 1: Decide Type of Cleaning Business you can start your business by providing one or two services. Do not try to start by offering too many services right away. Once your company grows, you can add more commercial cleaning services to your portfolio.

Some areas of commercial cleaning need more investment than others. For example, if you want to start providing carpet-cleaning services to businesses, you need to buy a heavy-duty portable carpet cleaning machine. However, more investment would significantly reduce the number of competitors in your business.

Step 2: Own a Business or purchase a Franchise When you are getting into commercial cleaning business in Australia, you have two options, start your own venture or purchase a franchise. When you purchase a franchise, you do not need to establish its brand name. A franchise has a proven business model, and you get support along the way. On the downside, you need huge sums of investment, have restricted growth, and your success is linked to the main business.

If you opt for your own business, you will not get any brand value or established a business model. On the upside, you will have unlimited growth potential and your success is not tied to some other business organization.

Therefore, make your decision wisely while keeping your own preferences into perspective.

Step 3: Business Registration when you are starting a commercial cleaning business in Australia, it has to be a legal entity recognised in the eyes of the law. You must choose between different types of business entities to get yourself registered.

Options available for business registration include Sole Trader, Partnership, and Company. Each one has its own benefits and disadvantages. Choose the kind of business entity by thinking how you see your business growth in the future.

Step 4: Use the Right Equipment and Cleaning Products Technology plays an important role in any industry. Commercial cleaning services can make or break their business in the selection of the equipment and cleaning tools.

Do not try to save money by buying shoddy equipment or cheap cleaning products. In the process of saving some money, you might affect your business’s reputation. Always depend on reliable, and efficient cleaning equipment and products to deliver the same quality of service every time.

Step 5: Know Your Competition Every industry has competitors, which threaten its existence. Once you start your business, be mentally prepared to face the competition. Always stay ahead of the game and only choose those commercial cleaning service industries in which you can perform. In trying to do too much, you may not be able to compete in any niche.

Step 6: Right Pricing Always remembers that profit margins are limited in businesses due to the heightened level of competition. Therefore, rightly price your services so that your business has a chance to survive. You cannot ask for skyrocketing prices from your customers, particularly when you are new in the business. Even after having many years of successful business operations, you must competitively price your commercial cleaning services.

Step 7: Marketing does not expect that someone will know about your business because you have started it. You need to smartly invest in the right type of marketing tools and strategies.


Once you acquire your first customer, make sure to give them outstanding services. Try to make customers for a lifetime so that your business is spread by word of mouth. Cleaning businesses run on word of mouth marketing. If your existing customers are not happy, you will not be able to attract new business.

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