CleanConnect Announces the Launch of Revolutionary Technology Platform for the Cleaning Industry

CleanConnect Pty Ltd an innovative online platform that revolutionises contract procurement for the cleaning industry, currently CleanConnect is open for Registration & will announce the Full launch of its services across Australia. CleanConnect is a startup that is founded by industry veteran who possesses decades of experience in the cleaning industry, spread across multiple strategic roles.

The online platform utilizes a patented technology mechanism to streamline the tender application process across the cleaning industry and make it easily accessible to thousands of cleaning companies across the nation. At the same time, CleanConnect enables clients to open tenders, invite bids, shortlist finalists and award contracts all under one roof.

Founder believes that this novel transformation in the cleaning industry has benefits for all stakeholders involved. “Over the years the cleaning industry has witnessed stable growth which has led to the proliferation of opportunities as well as challenges faced by both clients and contractors.

CleanConnect catalyzes industry progress by taking away the typical problems associated with the contract procurement process and accelerates the time to decision and contract award. Our revolutionary technology diminishes the administrative and financial burdens involved for clients and centralizes everything to the point of maximum efficiency.”

Industry experts who have reviewed the CleanConnect platform are delighted at the technology and very positive about its prospects. Bill Rifai who has worked in the cleaning industry for 20 years says:

“As a longstanding insider of the cleaning industry, I can attest that the contract procurement process isn’t always as straightforward and hassle-free as we would like it to be. But with CleanConnect I can see things transforming. What appeals to me most is how technologically advanced it is, but yet extremely easy to use, even for people who don’t have a lot of tech experience. From my experience, this definitely is a game changer.”

CleanConnect uses revolutionary algorithmic technology, as well as industry experts, to select and enlist only those contractors who have met stringent pre-qualification criteria. 

“For me, the integrity of each procurement bid is the most important thing. I want clients across the medical, retail, hospitality, commercial, and corporate sectors to equate CleanConnect with peace of mind, and contractors to equate it with a goldmine that provides them the opportunities that they eagerly need to grow their business” 

Adds the founder of CleanConnect

CleanConnect’s work has already been highlighted by leading industry publications such as INCLEAN Magazine, the authority in Australia’s cleaning industry.

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