How to Win New Commercial Cleaning Contracts

For any small or medium-sized commercial cleaning business owner, gaining those early accounts is key to building financial traction. While it’s enjoyable that such contracts are the source of ongoing income, opening up those revenue streams in the modern era can be a challenge. The following are some ways to help you in your quest for financial freedom as a commercial cleaning business owner.

Create and Leverage a Local Presence The best place to start is by tapping into your local community. If you plan on becoming a leading commercial cleaning service, make sure you’ve given it the exposure it needs by somehow giving it publicity at local events, community functions, and if possible, letting local retailers give you a little bit of advertising space in-store.

By leveraging your local community, not only does it increase your chances of getting business early on, but also learning key lessons before scaling your business to other territories.

Direct Mail Marketing Times might have changed, but good old-fashioned email marketing and print ads will never cease to get you some eyeballs and business. There are a bunch of ways to creatively make most out of your direct mail marketing efforts.

One is to print a flyer and post it in places where there is heavy footfall, such as a grocery store. By giving your business visibility in the commercial area, you are likely to attract attention from other business owners.

Another way is to opt for a traditional mailing campaign where you are specifically targeting businesses in areas where you think there will be a need for your service. Something strategic to add in this scenario is perhaps a discount coupon with your direct mail and even make it for a limited time so people have an urgency to get back to you on it. By getting your foot in the door, you can then get in to discuss a potential office cleaning contract with them for the longer term.

Utilize Technology to Gain Visibility The modern day ecosystem is based on technology. From businesses to consumers, everyone is connected in real-time and small business owners should leverage this to their benefit. On the internet, everyone is a level playing field, if they play their cards right. There’s nothing to stop you from appearing on the first page of search engine results if you have a viable digital strategy in place. There are a couple of steps for this though.

WebsiteFirstly, get yourself a basic website that tells customers something about your relevant expertise as the business owner, what your services entail, and ways to get in touch with you.

Online Listings After creating a website, make sure you tell people about it through various online directories and listings. This includes yellow pages, city-specific directories, and even providing a link to your site on other local websites.

Participating in Online Tenders To make life easier for cleaning contractors, we at Clean Connect are bringing business opportunities to them. Forget the long journey of carving out your own niche in the market, and enjoy the benefits of being able to bid on contracts without any sign-up or bidding fee. To get in touch with us, please click here.

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